Volume II Issue 1, 2018

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1 Impact of Corporate Governance of Islamic Banks On Financial Performance: A Study Of Pakistan, India And Bangladesh Islamic Banking System
Mushtaq Younas , Umair Ahmed, Naveed Khan, Qurat Ul Ain Shahbaz
2 Does systematic risk matter for investors in capital market of pakistan?
Dr. Syed Hamid Ali Shah, Faisal Khan
3 Determinants Of Capital Structure: A Case Of Non-Financial Firms Listed At Pakistan Stock Exchange Textile Sector
Naveed Khan ,Muhammad Amir ,Hameed Rehman ,Zeeshan Ali
4 The Effects Of Transactional Andtransformational Leadership Style On Employee’s Creative Performance; A Case Study Of Private Universities Faculty Staff
Muhammad Tahir, Zakir Rahim, Raza Ahmed Khan,
Volume II, Issue 2, 2018
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1 Foreign Direct Investment And Female Labor Market Decisions In South Asia: A Longitudinal Analysis
Farhan Zeb, Zohaib Ali,Fakhr e Alam
2 Determinant Of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence From Pakistan
Faisal Khan. Dr. Syed Hamid Ali Shah, Sumera
3 Testing The Perceived Organizational Politics And Outcomes With Moderating Role Of Honesty-Humility Personality Dimension Using Smart Pls Approach
Muhammad Tahir , Raza Ahmed Khan , Zakir Rahim
4 Impact Of Intellectual Capital On Organisational Performance In Software Industry Of Pakistan
Azmat Ali Shah , Zohaib Ali , Syed Numan, Waseem Khan